Material & Tool Suppliers

Most courses and workshops require students to have materials and tools specific to the techniques explored, giving students the opportunity to build their toolbox slowly as their skills increase. Here is a list of local and online suppliers to help you find what you need. Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us by phone or email.

Looking for supply lists for specific classes? Find them here.

Local Suppliers Website Phone
Stone Stop Jewelers Supplies 303-949-3617
The Naja Tool & Supply 800-340-6252
Desert Gems USA 303-426-4411
Eggers Lapidary
(Mineral Specimens & Crystals)
John Haney/Thompson Marketing
(Cabochons and Rough)
US Welding (soldering gas and supplies) 303-777-6671
General Air (soldering gas and supplies) 303-892-7003
Online/Other Suppliers Website Phone
Rio Grande 800-545-6566
Fire Mountain Gems 800-335-2137
Enamelwork Supply Company 800-596-3257
Gesswein 800-243-4466
Indian Jewelers Supply Co. 800-545-6540
Metalliferous 888-944-0909
Otto Frei 800-772-3456
Thompson Enamel 859-291-3800
Academy Silver 866-540-6685
Allcraft Jewelry Supply 800-645-7124
Contenti 800-343-3364
Sante Fe Jewelers Supply 800.659.3835
A & A Jewelry Supply 800.433.55444
Reactive Metals Studio 800.876-3434
Hauser & Miller 800.462-7447